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Oh, hello there.

It's been a while since I've been around these parts. Thought it was good time to update everyone with what I've been up to... cause it's a lot! 

Summarized update: I am no longer working for Whole Foods Market and am currently doing freelance Illustration and graphic design! Does this mean I'm not actively looking for work? Not really! I'm keepin' my peepers open just in case something I'm passionate about pops up.

So, that means... I have a lot more time for art. A LOT MORE. My house is covered in a million different fabrics/papers/materials covered in manic flowers.

Here's an overview on what's been up:

And how about a sneak peak at the new calendar (available really soon)

Pretty Secrets #3

What a huge success! I managed to get all the zines put together and sold out within ONE day! Thanks so much for your support.

If you want to download a pdf version, please to so by clicking on my Shop or by visiting

desktop wallpaper; sharing is caring

One of my favourite things on the internet is the desktop wallpaper project by the Fox is Black. As I am inspired by the idea as well as the designs that are submitted, I'm going to make a desktop wallpaper once or twice a month and share it here!

I have definitely had a request to make X-Files or Game of Thrones related backgrounds. If you have a specific wallpaper you'd want to use/see, leave a comment, I love having a theme and working around it. 

Click here to get the wallpapers!

books, books, books,

One of the nicest parts of finishing school has been being able to read again. I find book design incredibly interesting and it's really a route I'm hoping to take.

Here are four designs I've made this week, enjoy!

Do you guys love pizza as much as I do? Working at an art store allows me to really take advantage of trying out new mediums. I tried gouache for this particular drawing and found it a lot of fun.  Have a poster to make? I would suggest in trying gouache! It helps add a human tactile approach. 

I have also found out that there are A LOT of "pen nerds" out there. For a long time I thought I was alone in obsessing over certain pens. Since working at the art store and getting into lettering I have started really getting into calligraphy pens. What kind of pens do you like? My current favourite: Itoya calligraphy pen.